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Patrick B. Long

Attorney / Veteran / Advocate

Attorney Patrick B. Long has a lengthy carrier spanning several industries. These industries include the medical field, the military, journalism, technical writing, and the legal field.

Mr. Long spent eighteen years in the medical field, treating patients and managing medical records. This expansive career has given him some great insight into helping those with disability claims. 

The last few years serving in the Navy, he worked on medical boards, reviewing medical records and writing briefs for medical discharges. He also worked on medical intelligence reports for deploying troops. 

​This combination of medical research and writing is key in preparing solid and robust arguments to Social Security and the Veterans Affairs.

​As a veteran, he focused a portion of his time trying to help other veterans who need legal help. While working at Thomas Jefferson School of Law’s Veterans Legal Assistance Clinic, he assisted homeless veterans in the areas of family law, veteran’s benefits and social security benefits. He constructed and drafted arguments for an appeal from the denial of benefits by the Veterans Affairs and Supplemental Security Income.

​As a certified law student, represented clients at meet-and-confer appointments and court hearings. Mr. Long was able to bring his professional experience to the clinic and he received praise from both the professor and the clinic fellow for his research and writing skills. In law school, he received the high-grade award in Pre-Trial preparation, an upper division writing course. 

​Mr. Long achieved academic success in our school’s Veteran’s Clinic and his Business Associations course. Mr. Long also received accolades from his professors on his oral advocacy skills, both in Trial Practice and California Civil Procedure.  In the past twenty years, he gained valuable first-hand experience in public speaking, training, leadership, and research and writing. The majority of his experience stems from serving eight years as a US Navy Corpsman. Mr. Long have also worked as a medical sales coordinator, collegiate newspaper editor-in-chief and an editor for a military contract company.

​During the past decade as a licensed California attorney, Mr. Long has successfully helped clients in restraining orders, family matters, SSDI hearings, personal injury cases, and employment matters. He has a strong success rate in court, arguing in front of the court and juries.

​Mr. Long spent over a year working at a personal injury defense litigator. This time gave him insight to the trick of the trade when it came to insurance companies. Few attorneys know how to interact with insurance adjusters, but you can rely on Mr. Long to be your advocate.

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