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Social Security's Bluebook

Updated: Aug 30, 2022

Social Security Disability Evaluation

Social Security Disability Insurance and Supplemental Security Income require that multiple elements be met before SSA will deem a claimant disabled. One of the steps in both programs is that the claimant has a severe impairment.

On the social Security website, SSA details a list of impairments they determine to qualify for SSD/SSI ( Commonly referred to as “The Bluebook”, this disability evaluation is the foundation for determining if a claimant is disabled.

Listings are split into two main categories, Adult and Childhood Impairments. Within the two listings, impairments are broken down into areas of the body. Each area is categorized by number and actual impairments are listed in subcategory numbers.

For example, section 11 in Adult Listings is set aside for Neurological – Adult, and Traumatic Brian Injury has a sub-category of 11.18. (

Within that sub-category, SSA offers requirements to be met in order for the claimant to be determined disabled.

In my experience, medical providers do not always provide direct explanation of these listed requirements in medical notes when drafting routine medical charts. Social Security needs to be able to determine your Residual Functional Capacity before it knows if you meet the requirements for SSDI. Certain ailments require additional information from medical providers to the court. Medical Source statements can help with SSA and the ALJ with making a final determination.

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